Strange Ocean Creatures
15th December 2020  |   Humans Affecting Ocean  |   0

The ocean is full of wonders, and many of these have become well known, but scientists believe there is still much to be discovered. Then among those that have been identified, there is a collection of what are considered to be the strangest or weirdest sea creatures that many people find to be most intriguing.

Clown Frogfish

With all the different species of frogs and fish in the world, it seems wonderous that there would be what some consider to be a combo species. The frogfish is found in Indonesian waters and what most find most intriguing about it are its bright yellow colours that are dotted with red markings. Some may think of this being like a chameleon because some of them can change colours that allow them to blend in with their environment.

Blob Scuplin

The male species of this intriguing species take on the parental role with much seriousness. At least while the babies are still in the egg stage. The males will guard them until they have hatched. They are a two-foot-long species of fish that are found in some of the waters of California. They are not easy to find as they like to keep themselves well hidden.

The Red Lipped Batfish

There is no mistaking this sea creature for another species because they are so easily identified by their ruby red lips. If one is near the Galapagos Islands, they may just be lucky enough to spot one of them. Another unique feature they possess is being able to use their fins to walk around the ocean floor.

Giant Spider Crab

For those that have a distaste for spiders then they may want to avoid the giant spider crab. The size alone of these which can be up to twelve feet long are most intimating. They are found in the region of Japan in the ocean waters. These are just a few of many examples of some of the most intriguing sea life that exists, and there are many more that can be added to them.