Increased Vaping Sparks Recycling Efforts
30th January 2023  |   Sea Life Media  |   0

Vaping has become a cultural phenomenon rivalling the initial skyrocketing popularity of tobacco products. The UK is catching up to the social acceptance of recreational vaping. Adult smokers are turning to disposable vapes UK products in droves with one in 20 adults using the devices. Vaping is considered an alternative to smoking. However, environmentalists are hoping to change the way users dispose of the product to protect oceans and sea life.


Vaping is much cheaper than smoking cigarettes. With a singular device ready at hand, vapers only need to refill the nicotine product to enjoy a quick vape. As an affordable option for young and older adults, vaping products are easily available in gas stations and grocery stores. With relative ease, a vaper may purchase purchase disposable vapes UK products online or on land. The ease of purchase makes disposal all the more costly for the environment. As an electronic and hazardous waste product, the safest way to dispose of vaping devices is via recycling. most vaping products contain batteries, which are harmful in landfills. By recycling the vaping product, a user protects the environment.

Habit Breaker

For those who choose to stop smoking, the vaping device offers a way to slowly wean off of nicotine. Users begin using less and less nicotine daily to break the habit. However, the cartridge is made of plastic that turns into a microplastic and can run off into oceans during adverse weather events. For now, finding a reputable place that properly disposes of plastics is the best way to protect marine life.


Vaping devices come in a variety of colours and styles, which allows the user to showcase his own personality and style. Often used for social occasions, the vape is becoming a signature accessory among young adults who use it. Even allowing for a variety of nicotine-based flavours, the products cater to individuality.