7th March 2019  |   Sea Creatures  |   0

Jellyfish have existed on this planet for many millions of years. They even predate the dinosaurs. They travel through the currents of the ocean, surviving in both hot and cold climates. Despite being associated with living on the surface of the water some species live deep down in the depths of the sea.

Some jellyfish appear clear, whereas others are more vibrant colours including purple, yellow, pink and blue. Jellyfish have even been recorded as exhibiting bioluminescent properties. In other words they can make their own source of light.

Amazingly these creatures lack bones, eyes, a heart or even a brain. Their bag-like body extends into tentacles. These contain small cells capable of stinging animals. The sting of the jellyfish is their most famous attribute. Depending on the species the sting of jellyfish can be very painful and sometimes even deadly.

A small opening in their bodies serves as both the entrance and exit for food during digestion. It also acts as a propulsion system. The jellyfish will squirt water from the opening in order to move forward. These creatures feed on a mixture of small sea plants, fish, crabs and shrimp.