Deep Sea Fish
19th August 2019  |   Sea Creatures  |   0

Deep sea fish are truly remarkable creatures. They exist in one of the most inhospitable environments on Earth. Their habitat contains no light because it is out of the Sun’s reach. Living in absolute darkness, their biology is quite different to most fish that live in the sea. This is because they have had to adapt to the pelagic environment.

Notable species

  • Anglerfish

This fish is well known for its method of attracting prey. It has a bioluminescent lure that catches the eye of smaller fish. When they swim close to the light they are gobbled up by the anglerfish.

  • Oarfish

Oarfish have been useful for the prediction of earthquakes and tsunamis. When they wash up on the shores of Japan this can be a symptom of tectonic shifts deep under the sea. Despite being an inaccurate tool, oarfish are taken seriously by many people when they end up on Japan’s beaches.

  • Goblin Shark

This rare species has a very striking appearance. Their jaws protrude outwardly from the head giving them a sinister look. Since they live so far underwater very little is known about their mating and social habits.