Climate Change
17th October 2019  |   Humans Affecting Ocean  |   0

What It Is

Climate change is having a serious effect not just on the land but the ocean as well. Greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide are released into the air where they become trapped in our atmosphere. This also traps thermal radiation and increases the temperature of the planet.

All sea life has evolved so that it can survive in specific conditions. Climate change disturbs their natural habitat. In some cases these animals are unable to adapt at a fast enough rate to the change that is happening around them. When this happens the entire species dies out, becoming extinct.

Effect On The Deep Sea

In last century the surface of the sea has suffered a significant increase in its temperature. This heat has travelled downwards and reached considerably low depths. This high temperature level has been recorded at 700 metres below sea level. Therefore all marine life at these depths are being affected by climate change.

A large amount of species require a specific range of temperatures in order to survive. When this range changes in their habitat then their choices are to migrate or die. This causes clashes with other ecosystems, leading to a chaotic domino effect.

The Coast

Some sea creatures rely on both the water and coastal environments. This includes crabs, seals, sea lions and numerous others. These animals face an even greater likelihood of extinction. This is because coastlines are also dramatically changing due to global warming. In the case of the Arctic, this coast is literally melting away.

Temperature levels are predicted to increase even higher in the years to come. It is inevitable that this will seriously damage the ecosystems of oceans throughout the world. New government policies on carbon emissions could lessen the effects. However, the harm to sea life has already begun to occur. Whether a species will live depends on how well they can adapt to these new temperature levels.