Porlock Weir: These views show the inlet to the small harbour (1) and the beach looking to the east with Bossington (2) in the distance and to the west down the Channel towards Devon (3).



3pweirwest11From the A39 in the village of Porlock, and before the infamous Porlock Hill take the turning towards Porlock Weir. (There is no weir now so the name makes no sense.)

Follow this road to its end, you will see a handy car park to the right with Bossington beach to the right of you. Grab your gear from the car and head off to the foot bridge over the harbour inlet. The beach extends to the left and is made up of pebbles and rough ground.

You can expect some tackle losses, so use a lead lift. Most anglers tend to fish 2hrs down and about the same back up.