There are two sections to shore fishing at Minehead, the Town Beach and Gasworks Beach.

The Town Beach stretches from Mad Brain Sands near Dunster in the east to the Harbour.
It is made up of mostly clean sand and some shingle towards the harbour end. The sand was
pumped from off shore to improve the beach from a tourist/visitors point of view, however
the marine worm life has now established itself.
Recently anglers have taken to fishing along the town’s esplanade on the higher ‘spring’ tides
with good results. The area from the Quay Inn to the Golf Club is favourite. A good beach to target Sole.

The Gasworks beach starts on the other side of the harbour to the west and continues to ‘White Mark’.
This section is steeply shelving with large rounded pebbles at the harbour end, increasing in
their size to large rounded stones at ‘White Mark’. Once over the stones the ground is clean sand.
The boulders are difficult to walk on and should not be trusted not to move when stepped on.
The rocks that are covered by the tide are also slippery when exposed by the tide.

Gas works beach


White Mark viewed at low water