Blue Anchor

One of the most popular venues along this part of the coast. This is partly due to the very easy access as you can see from the photos, you can fish from the boot of your car if you wanted to. You don’t have to be a long distance caster either. Good clean sand giving way to heavy silt and mud at low water.

The easy access is one reason the other is that the venue can fish very well. All the usual winter species Cod , Whiting etc and the summer ones too; Ray’s, Dogfish a selection of flatfish including the occasional Sole along with Pouting etc.

The old and the new sea wall, you don’t need a rod rest now!
blue2    banew1

Please make sure you use a chopping board and not the wall for cutting up your bait!

Easy parking, not all double yellow lines. High spring tides will come up onto the concrete slope! This view is eastwards towards Watchet. Do NOT park or block the footpath with your vehicle, a £30 ticket will ruin your days fishing.

The shoreline looking east towards Watchet. Spring Tides can cover the entire beach, be careful. Do not fish directly below the cliffs in case of rock falls.

The opposite view west towards Dunster & Minehead to the far right of the frame. A bit more shingle this end at the top of the beach, with clean sand then mud at low tide.
blue1   banew1a

This is the view from the west end looking back towards Blue Anchor. Clean ground away from
the old wooden piles. This was taken at roughly half tide.
Looking back from the end of Blue Anchor towards Dunster Beach and Minehead in the far distance.

This is a popular local competition location so check the angling press or our competitions page for dates to avoid.

Please make sure litter goes in the bins, or home with you. Don’t give Anglers a bad name!!